VSC Vet Hospital

Welcome to the VSCS Pet Hotel!

As part of the Veterinary Specialty Center of Stockton, our goal is to provide a loving and safe environment for your pets while you are away. We offer exceptional boarding, daycare, and training services with your pets comfort and safety our top priority. Our experienced staff provides 24 hour care in our state of the art, climate controlled indoor facility.


The hotel offers four different sizes of dog kennels:

  • 4ft x 4ft
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 4ft x 8ft
  • 5ft x 8ft

Each kennel has a raised cot and fleece blanket. Multiple family pooches may share a single kennel or use adjacent kennels. Access doors between adjacent units can be opened to give added space and companionship.

Hotel guests are fed two meals per day. Additional meals are optional.

Each guest is given a minimum of three potty walks per day in our private fenced yard. Additional potty breaks are available upon request. Guests remain on leash while outside for added safety.

Optional exercise/playtime is available in our indoor arena. The exercise arena is climate controlled and has a padded floor for protection against injury. The arena may be used by multiple family pets together at the same time.

The feline hotel features a condo design with six separate compartments. Each compartment has a separate litter box area and a spacious play area with a fleece bed. Your kitty may stay in a private compartment or share compartments with other family members by opening access doors to adjacent units. The kitty condos are located in a separate room away from canine guests to ensure a relaxing stay.

Pet owners may bring their own food, toys, and bedding.

All guests are encouraged to wear a quick release collar with their name and phone number on the ID tag. An ID band will be placed on pets without collars.

Dogs and cats with special needs are welcome. Consult the staff for more information.


  • 1661 W. Fremont St Stockton, CA 95203


(209) 467-8727

Fax: (209) 467-8728

Email: vscstockton@att.net




Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Weekends: 9-11am /3-5pm



New Year's Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving
July 4th Christmas


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